Call for Papers, Conference “The Challenges of International Banking Regulation and Supervision after 1945,” 16-17 January 2014

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Jointly organised by the

European Association for Banking and Financial History (EABH) e.V.

and the ERSC-funded project

‘The Development of International Financial Regulation and Supervision (1961-1982)’,

University of Glasgow

16-17 January 2014 – Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Financial regulation and supervision has gained prominence in the public debate over the past few years. The aim of this conference is to contextualise discussions about financial regulation and supervision since World War II, in particular by providing an historical perspective to current debates.

Conference organisers welcome proposals investigating the obstacles and challenges to international banking regulation and supervision after 1945. The aim of the conference is to bring together different approaches—legal, economic, political science / political economy, historical—in order to enrich and widen the debate about international regulation and supervision.

Some of the broader questions that we hope to address are:

  • What were / are the obstacles to an effective international banking regulation and / or supervision?
  • Have lessons been learnt from previous banking crises?
  • Can we draw parallels between our current predicament and the international banking crises of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s?
  • Why and how has the governance of banking regulation and supervision evolved since World War II—i.e. between the national, international and supranational levels?
  • What have been the driving forces and conflicting interests behind this evolution?
  • Has it really created a global ‘level playing field’, or has the international governance of banking regulation and supervision become too complex for its own good?

Potential contributors interested in participating should submit a paper proposal not exceeding one page and a recent CV as email attachments by 30 September 2013 to Dr Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol ( writing with ‘EABH / Glasgow Conference’ in the email headline.

Final papers will be circulated in advance of the conference and should be around 6000 words. The organisers plan to publish the proceedings of the conference.

The selection committee (composed of Professor Catherine Schenk, University of Glasgow, Dr Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol, University of Glasgow, and Dr Piet Clement, Bank for International Settlements / EABH) will then review the proposals and inform successful applicants in due course.

Please note that should your institution be unable to do so, there are limited funds available to support travel expenses.

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