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The Relevance of the Bretton Woods Conference for Our Times, by Catherine Schenk

Published on: Author: guwebteam

  This paper by Professor Catherine Schenk was prepared for the Hangzhou conference held on May 17-18, 2014 in China, as part of RBWC’s initiative for celebrating the 70th anniversary of Bretton Woods.   All historians are cautious about claims of the ‘lessons of history’ – at best we can identify the reasons for the success or… Continue reading

80th Anniversary of the End of the Gold Standard

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The 1930s Chatham House Study Group on ‘The International Gold Problem’ and the 2011 Chatham House Taskforce on ‘Gold and the International Monetary System’ The economic context of the 1930s Chatham House Study Group was in many ways very different from the modern-day Chatham House Taskforce, of which I am a member, but the focus… Continue reading