Dr Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol

Dr. Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol is Research Associate, Department of Economic and Social History, University of Glasgow. He is also Associate of the Transatlantic Programme at LSE IDEAS, LSE’s Centre for Diplomacy and Strategy. He was a Pinto Post-Doctoral Fellow at LSE IDEAS for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Dr Mourlon-Druol has a PhD from the European University Institute (Florence), an MSc from the LSE and a BA in political studies from Sciences Po in Strasbourg. His publications include “Filling the EEC leadership vacuum? The creation of the European Council in 1974” (Cold War History, 10:3, August 2010) and La stratégie nord-américaine après le 11-Septembre: un réel renouveau? (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2005).

Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol’s book on the origins and creation of the European Monetary System (EMS) is due to appear in 2012 with Cornell University Press. Based on recently declassified archives, A Europe Made of Money: the Emergence of the European Monetary System is the first historical study of this major step in European monetary cooperation. This book challenges the widely held view that the EMS emerged quite suddenly in 1978 from some high level politicians, and its findings shed light not only on European integration, but also on the evolution of the international monetary system, and our current predicament.


Recent Publications

  • “‘Managing from the Top’: Globalisation and the Rise of Regular Summitry, mid-1970s-mid-1980s,” Diplomacy & Statecraft, December 2012.
  • “Integrating an international political economy dimension into European integration history: the challenges of the 1970s”, Journal of European Integration History, volume 17, n°2, 2011, pp.335-341.
  • “Les banquiers centraux de l’échec du plan Werner à la création du Système monétaire européen”, Histoire, Économie et Société, December 2011, pp.39-46.
  • “The Euro Crisis: a Historical Perspective”, LSE IDEAS Strategic Update, June 2011.
  • “The victory of the intergovernmental method? The emergence of the European Council in the EEC’s institutional set-up, 1974-1977”, in Daniela Preda and Daniele Pasquinucci (eds), The Road Europe Travelled Along. The Evolution of  the EEC/EU Institutions and Policies, (Brussels: Peter Lang, 2010), pp.27-40.
  • “Filling the EEC leadership vacuum? The creation of the European Council in 1974”, Cold War History, 10:3, pp.315-339 (2010).
  • “Economist or Monetarist? The difficult creation of an internal French consensus about European monetary integration (1974-1976)”, In Michele Affinito, Guia Migani and Christian Wenkel (eds) Les deux Europes / The Two Europes (Brussels: Peter Lang, 2009), pp.213-224.


Contact Details

Email: Emmanuel.Mourlon-Druol@glasgow.ac.uk

Twitter: @manumourlon

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